Indoor and Outdoor LED/LCD Displays in Qatar

LED Screens from Prosigns lead the way in indoor and outdoor signage applications. They are highly-appreciated by businesses, marketers and event planners across Qatar for their endless possibilities.

Whether it is a text scroll, video playback or live streaming of a stage show, our LED/LCD displays make it a visual treat for the viewers. Having successfully implemented in shopping malls, bus terminals, sports venues, theatres, and exhibitions in Qatar, we can vouch for our LED Screens for their in clarity, durability, scalability and flexibility.

As one of the largest LED/LCD displays manufacturers and suppliers, Prosigns serves as a one-stop-source to buy LED screens in Qatar at the most competitive prices. Our project-based customised LED solutions range from LED video walls to LED stage screens, transparent LED screens, LED building wraps and LED billboards.

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Benefits of LED/LCD displays provided by Prosigns

Choosing an LED screen for advertising and communication offers you the following benefits:

  • Convenience of quick and easy installation and dismantling
  • Ease of relocation’s
  • All-weather-proof, impact-resistant, dust-proof
  • Ensure crystal clear content in all lighting conditions
  • Scalable to metre-length, thanks to the modular bezel-less design
  • Offers flexibility; can be mounted on a curved surface
  • Guarantees higher uptime
  • Offers higher ROI for advertisers as no hardware change is required to update or change the content
  • Ensures better audience attention and understanding of the content
  • Comes with adjustable brightness mode

Different types of LED Screen solutions, we provide

Prosigns offers a range of customised LED screens for information dissemination, advertising and enhanced viewing experience. Here are some of our LED solutions:

  • LED Notice Boards
  • LED Signboards
  • Spherical LED Screens
  • LED Video Walls
  • Large Format Outdoor LED Displays
  • Indoor Displays
  • Flexible Displays

Suitable applications of LED/LCD displays

From waiting-room entertainment to gallery TV streaming, LED screens find use in myriads of applications. Here are some of the suitable applications of LED screens:

  • Live streaming of stage events, and sports
  • Display advertisements
  • Facilitate enhance viewing
  • News scrolls and information updates
  • POS screen to display offers and discounts
  • Waiting room entertainments

The Prosigns Advantage:

Prosigns has partnered with several organisations and businesses in Qatar to help them achieve their marketing and communication goals. Here are some of the benefits you are going to reap by choosing us:

  • We are the leading LED digital signage manufacturer and supplier in Qatar and across the Middle East with years of experience.
  • We cover the A to Z of your signage needs including design, fabrication, implementation and servicing.
  • We train you on how to manage your digital content, in case you wish to run it on your own.
  • Our outdoor LED screens are robustly-built to withstand impacts and harsh weather.
  • All our products come with a special warranty and a promise of 24/7 support.
  • We advise you on the type of LED screens for your project; their benefits and about the resolution.

Need LED Screens for your project? Let’s know your requirements through phone at +974 3 002 7200 or mail at, we’ll get back with a suitable solution for you.

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